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Search, Comparison and Recommender Systems

* Semantic-based Systems, Ontologies and Linked Data

* Agent-based Systems, Negotiation and Auctions

* Social Web and Social Media in E-Commerce

* Computational Advertising 

* E-commerce Infrastructures and Cloud-based Services

* Business Processes, Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures

* E-Business Architectures

* Emerging Business Models, Software as a Service, Mobile Services

* Security, Privacy and Trust

The adoption, usage, and impact of social media upon consumers and businesses
 Social media strategies and e-business models
 Consumer engagement with organizations in social media
 Enterprise 2.0 and social computing in organizations
 Organizational learning and the use of social media
 Knowledge management with social media
 Crowdsourcing, collective intelligence, collaboration, problem solving with social media
 Social commerce
 Social media in marketing and consumer behavior
 Social media for customer relationship management
 Social identity, social capital, and social roles related to the use of social media
 Policy, governance, and security issues related to the use of social media
Internet Finance (including peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding)
۲٫ Cloud computing and big data for services and manufacturing
۳٫ Open innovations for e-business
۴٫ Online to Offline Marketing
۵٫ Information sharing in e-business environment
۶٫ Manufacturing and re-manufacturing strategies for e-business
۷٫ Distribution channels and product variety of e-business
۸٫ E-logistics management
۹٫ Relationship governance in supply chains in e-business environment