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  1. sima

    medicine is that,you can see many things that many people maby don't see even one time in time in their many normal person can be witnessed the birth of a baby and feel it as the first?how many people can be with a person at the last moments of his life?in which major,you can get close to a strange with each gender and age that you know the pulse of his life under your fingers?and be anxious about the health of those,who might be the first and last look with them.

    medicine is the best.

  2. zahra kehtari

    In the name of GOD                                
    How to become a doctor? 
    medical training in different counties varies depending on the country's education system.for example in developed western countries medical training consists of a four-year period of theoretical courses and four year practical courses. But in our country "iran"  medical training courses is about 7 years.the first two-year is basic science couses and and the clinical courses are the next five-year 
    it seems the practical experience in iran is more important than knowledge

  3. ehsan ranaee

    why am I studying medicine ? 

    i believe life is very painful and terrible even maybe ridiculous. 

    in this life there aren't any goals that can motivate me .

    basically our existance is very worthless and it's even harmful for this world. 

    in fact we are turning into absurdity wheel.

    among all this there's a way for me to calm myself down.

    yes , medicine can help me

    with knowledge i can help people

     i can assuage their suffering 

    i can turn on their minds 

    yes , it's my prophecy


    ehsan ranaee

  4. saeed ghasemi

    herbal medicine is treatment that use herbs!

    herbal medicine in ancient china was often used with acupuncture.

    in iran herbalist mostly used radish plants. herbalist are someone who mostly sells herbs, especially to treat some illnesses.

    herbal medicine mostly used  as traditional treat and usually are in expensive in world!

    saeed ghasemi

  5. mohammad saleh baghi

    ?Why we choose Medical
     Medical is a popular major here in iran and has a high social level.
    The main goals for some people are to make money, becoming famous and popular among people. 
    But the fact is they've never got the real meaning of this science; the greatest goal of medical is to help humanity.
    The real pleasure is to healing sicks to make them feel better and make their life a better place.
    Giving hope
     to people and take their helping hands should be a turn on for a real doctor.
    To summarize; medical isn't just a job, its an spiritual duty.

    Tnx for your attention

  6. Malihe Rezaei

    ?Why do I choose the medicine

    I choose the medicine because it has special traits.It is connection with people's life ;therefore it is very important and sensitive.I believe that the  best feeling is saving some one's life.The medicine has a very good feeling for me and I love it

  7. Ali Mahdi por



     Todays most of the people have a drugstore contains different medicine in their house. They usually don't go to the doctor for simple diseases and use medicine intractably.Pain killers and anti biotics are the most common between these drugs.Using drugs intractably may has side effect ,for example overuse of anti biotics can makes the body resistant aginst them. people should know this way of drug eating can be dangerous for their health .

  8. Nahid Davari

    Medical is commendable in Islam

    The purpose of medicine is to provide human healthand will them to perform their duties.this is very important in Islam because Islam is very seriously on human health.medical sciense relates mans to God more than other scienses because it makes people realize power of God

    therefore medicine is one of the best sciense to God .




  9. Fateme abazari


    Cancer is a disease in which,some of the body's cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrownding tissues

    The main cause of this disease is not known but we can say some factors as radiation,   smoking,chemical and toxic substances and genetics may cause cancer

    The breast cancer in women and the prostate cancer in men are the most common  canncer 

    No one is safe from it, so we should enhance our knowlefge to avoid cancer.  The main way is changing our life style.     good time.


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