Autumn 2014

General English - 93

General English classes in a joint session: Clever, polite, and newcomer!

A funny class on Drama at IAU, Southern Tehran branch with a lllot of coockies!

The same university above, but an Oral Translation class with reeeaaallly sharp students!

Dey 93 - T. 1-I

Specialized English 1: Funny and kind students in a snapshot!

Dey 93 - T. 1-II

Students from the same class above but those who had missed the previous photo!

Dey 93 - T. 1-III

Another class of Specialized English 1: Intelligent guys who had to take various exams every other week!

Dey 93 - T. 1-IIII

Yet, another class of Specialized English 1: Delicious lectures were the among the best memories!

Dey 93 - T. 2-II

A Specilized English 2 class with its elegant students: All lovely and gentle.

Dey 93 - T. 2-I

Gentelmen of a Specilized English 2 class who cared to take a photo at the end of the semester!

Azar 93

And finaly, among would-be-doctors who were getting prepared for their mid-term exam in the library, School of Medicine!

Autumn 2015



Remember Autumn 2014 above!? It's Autumn 2015 and they are done with their English courses now! Good Luck, guys!

This was a Pre-Req. Medical English class with nice students who were a llllittle mischievous!

Winter 2015

Some classes and thus some students are not easy to forget! This was one of those classes. 🙂

A high quality General Medical English class

Another great General Medical English class! Although they were sometimes sleepy, they were witty instead!

Another large but great Specialized Medical English (I) class in a reeaaallly hot class! LOL!

The last English class (SE II) for the students with whom I had the first photo! Looke above for the first photo! 🙂 Good Luck, guys.

During our classes, many get married! This time, two great students both in my class! They has no choice but to treat us toice cream! Yum!

Autumn 2016

At first these SE II guys were too shy to cancel a late before-holiday class! But then,.. They did what they did to me!! Wish them all the best of Luck. 🙂

A highlight in my classes was definitely this Nusring English class with kind, plite, and faithful students who are more a friend to me than just old students. 🙂

Winter 2016

It's sometimes difficult to deal with clever guys!! This was one of those classes; they gave a hard time in some sessions. But I loved the challenge. 🙂

The Nursing guys are taking their Final exam. Good Luck!

Spring 2017

A vvvvery active class! Well, half the class! Pre-Req. Medical English II students: girls were were twice as active as the boys!

These great SE II guys brought a cake to the class! Surprise! It was my BD; I truned 37.  🙂 Thanks, guys! You rock!

Could any class be better!? I love these guys!

The General Medical English class I will never forget!


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